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Risk Management for E-Commerce

Exposure Analysis, Adequacy of Coverages and Limits
Risk Transfer, Consolidation/Dovetail with Current Programs

Risk Management for e-commerce companies, or the e-commerce aspect of your company is an essential of competing in many industries. However, clients are sometimes unaware of inherent exposures and the potential consequences of a security incident for their business. It is an organization's ability to wisely manage risk which further separates the boundary between success and failure, more so when organizations depend, to a large extent, on information technology.

E-commerce risk management is crucial to any company dealing with clients or employees online - whether through a website, or even email. Proactive risk mitigation for e-commerce in both planning and development can greatly minimize costs when compared to addressing a problem after it has already taken place. Risk assessment means listing all of the risks you may face, assigning varying degrees of importance to them. The first element of the risk management process is identifying risks. We understand the risk management process and apply the fundamental principles in our daily consulting endeavors. By supplying the principles of the risk management process, we are able to assist our clients with achieving desired cost-benefit outcomes.

offers a comprehensive analysis of risk in e-commerce operations to ensure that your particular requirements are diligently met. To achieve the most realistic and practical results, we coordinate with your Chief Information Officer and other technology personnel. We provide:

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